Education’s contemporary challenges

Education is a necessity for human civilization. Ever since its early development, human kind discovered the necessity to pass away knowledge from one generation to another. At first, this necessity consisted in finding ways to survive, to feed a community and to find shelter. Starting with ancient great civilizations (Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek), humankind discovered the need of passing away, a more complex set of information from one generation to another. In this way the educational process that started from human primary needs – evolved to a complex process of shaping community’s diverse needs.
Nowadays the educational process is forced to evolve in a rapid way to face the transformations and challenges that our society offers.
Different countries have different particularities regarding their educational needs and for this reason we don’t have a global educational plan.
European countries have the opportunity to blend their needs and their goals in international partnerships with financial support from the European Council. Starting from a common topic, schools from the entire Europe have the chance to provide education in blended  activities in order to  overcome our society’s needs and challenges.
In this type of partnerships, humankind’s set of values such as respect for other cultures, traditional heritage, cooperation, acceptance and diversity are promoted. Teachers and pupils are united in a common activity regarding the need to promote education.
All the materials on this site were created during the implementation of the projects: ”Developing inter and trans curricular skills for 21-st century-2016-1-RO01-KA219-024603” and ”Developing educational starting from regional context-2019-1-RO01-KA201-063189”. These project were financed in ”Erasmus+” Program, as  strategic partnerships for education between schools.

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