Learning non conventional conference


The conference is destined bought for pupils and teachers works and points of view. For the first edition in May 2018 the materials debate the following themes:

  • theoretical  aspects and challenges regarding this type of teaching,
  • good practice examples from teachers experiences in trans curricular teaching
  • publication destined for trans and inter curricular works.
  • Pupils section will allow materials developed in trans and inter curricular subjects: projects, portfolios, documented experiments .

Project general objectives for this event:

1) To create a context for regional and international cooperation regarding trans and inter curricular teaching for partners involved

Operational objectives:

1) to create general description for multiplier events on this topic,

2) to establish events the calendar and methodology that will maintain this event during five more years after project completion

3) to find ways to involve pupils in multiplier events

4) to bring in public attention the benefits of trans and inter curricular teaching

5) to expand project’s idea and materials to a large public from this field

This event is the base of project’s multiplier events where project’s results will be promoted and developed. All  attending schools and will maintain this conference’s sections, name and structure for the following years and all attending schools will develop a common material.

Materials presented in Almeria meeting, may 2018, hosted by CEIP San Luis:



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