Project’s final products

Trans-curricular teaching a bridge to knowledgeis project’s brochure conceived after project first meeting. The brochure is structured in five chapters:

  • Chapter 1) The opportunities pupils may discover by trans and inter-curricular teaching
  • Chapter 2) The reality about trans and interdisciplinary teaching in European schools
  • Chapter 3) How and why to implement trans and inter curricular subjects (working methods examples)
  • Chapter 4) Local and global learning events to promote trans and inter curricular teaching ( festivals, conferences, contests, experimental studies, implementation plans)
  • Chapter 5) Proposals for trans and inter curricular teaching events

Project’s journal is a small newspaper destined to stimulate pupils in expressing their opinions regarding project’s attendance and project’s  working sessions. Also it is  a good way to make a  testimonials collection  that help the evaluation process.

New approaches in tras-curricular teaching – brochure

The content was created for “The Trans-Curricular Olympiad” – a contest that involves all school subjects on an general topic. Considering that all contents were created for project contest that will reunite students starting from primary up to high-school the topics were chosen according to pupil’s age and skills. For primary the topic is the wood, for lower secondary the topic is the water and for upper secondary the topic is the air. The material is a good practice example for local community teachers that wants to see what teachers from other educational systems are proposing to their pupils. The entire content will help to exploit project’s idea into other schools. The content was also translated into Romanian for project dissemination activities.

Conclusions regarding trans-curricular teaching– is a brochure with concepts and working methods implemented during project years. The brochure contains a part of the materials presented during Learning Non Conventional Conference and other materials also related to establishing links between different subjects that are studied during school years.

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