Project Journal

Project journal

Project journal, vol1 is dedicated to the meeting of Dej. The meeting from 6-th to11-th of November 2018 was the first international reunion. For the first time teachers from all eight partner schools joined their efforts in implementing the project.

The journal contains:

  • meeting description
  • International partnerships-ways to promote good practice education, by Daniela Herineanu
  • Deputy headmaster” message at the end of the meeting- Livia Pop
  • A Polish school into an Erasmus meeting in Dej by Darius Ral
  • A Deep enjoyable journey by Seher, Selin and Savas (Members of teacher team)
  • Greek team impressions by Eleni Papanikolaou, Argyraki Sofia, Nikolaos Chatziskakis 5TH LYCEUM OF VOLOS, Greece
  • Filling in the compulsory fields, by Diana Rafa
  • Our shining armor, by Diana Rafa
  • Some thoughts, by Diana Rafa






Project journal, vol2 is dedicated to the meeting of Lublin, Poland.  The journal starts with an activities descriptions, thoughts and impressions from Romanian team. The second set of thoughts are coming from the Italian team under the title ”The sense of membership”. The following team that shared its impression was the team of Mersin, Turkey under the title of ”Having a good time in Lublin”. The team from Istanbul wrote their impressions in the article ”A memorable day”.  The following articles presents the impressions  of the Greek team and the opinions of the Polish students from both schools involved in the project. Edited by a team of teachers and students from Zespol Szkol nr 10 wLublinie, Poland.

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Project journal vol 3 was dedicated to the transnational project meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. The meeting was dedicated to taking decisions regarding project implementation. A difficult decision taken during this meeting was how to implement the Trans-curricular Olympiad. The reunited team of teachers decided to chose integrative thematic for implementing the contest, to publish items examples and requested contents and contest calendar and methodology. Also during the meeting the team took part in learning events proposed by the host school and debated about other implementation  actions.

Project journal, vol4– is dedicated to the meeting from Volos, Greece. The volume was edited by the team from 5TH LYCEUM OF VOLOS, Greece and contains testimonials from all the teams that participated to the meeting of Volos.

Project journal vol 5 was dedicated to the meeting in Pedara, Italy, hosted by a good hard working team of teachers and students from Istituto Compresivo  Salvatore Casella. The journal contains a description of meeting’s agenda, a detailed presentation of reunion’s activities and a collection of participants’ impressions. The accent was on project contest: Trans-curricular Olympiad, an ambitious contest with trans curricular character. At the beginning the idea of organizing such a contest looked nice, but the steps on implementing it were difficult.   The international reunion was between schools with pupils of different ages so during the implementation the international organizing team decided to chose different integrative topics  for school levels. For primary they chose the wood as topic, for lower secondary they chose the water and for high-school they chose the air as integrative theme. The contest had tasks in communicating into English, math and science. Where pupils studied chemistry and physics items were added.


om Almeria








Project journal vol 6 was dedicate to the meeting from Almeria, Spain, hosted by CEIP San Luis. The reunion had as main activity the conference “Learning non conventional”. Students and teachers presented non conventional teaching/learning activities implemented in their schools. As secondary activities we can mention theatrical performances, common water sports activities, robotic workshop, visiting historic places, watching a traditional flamenco dance performances and dancing swing together.

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