Project’s presentation

Project’s presentation

The project  “Developing inter and trans curricular skills for 21-st century” reunites partners from Poland, Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey.

Project’s aim is to create an European context that enables trans and inter-curricular teaching that reduces the gap between theoretical training and daily experiences. During project years teachers will became familiar with the latest techniques in trans and inter curricular teaching, will implement new teaching materials and also will implement an educational context for pupils designed to facilitate this type of learning (scientific conferences, contests, theatrical festivals).

International partnerships are conceived to blend countries diverse educational politics. According to European laws every country has the right to propose its own educational strategy. European Commission has the task to support national efforts by encouraging good practice exchanges and by cooperating with decisional factors from every country.

Erasmus + program is a powerful tool that encourage and facilitate schools cooperation and educational exchanges that leads to the development and improvement of education standards.

In order to obtain harmonious results from the politics they promote, the decision factors from countries involved agreed to define the main field that education politics should interact to.

The priority will be on key competences, high standards, accessibility, the equality of chances, and the improvement of teaching techniques by training services for teachers.

This schools’ partnership is a small but important page from European Commission’s decision regarding educational politics. Starting from schools’ common concern of improving educational techniques the partnership aims to improve pupils basic skills by promoting trans and inter  curricular teaching.

Partner  schools:

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