Bagcilar Mustafa Kemal Ortaokulu, Istanbul, Turkey

Bagcilar Mustafa Kemal Ortaokulu, Istanbul, Turkey

Mustafa Kemal Secondary School, taking its name from our immortal leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is located in Bagcılar, on European side. Bagcılar is one of the largest districts in Istanbul and has a central location. Istanbul, facing the Golden Horn and the Bosphorous, connects the Black Sea and the Mediteranean and therefore is a bridge between Europe and Asia. Our school, was established in 2013, is a comparatively small school with 1454 pupils at the age of 11-14 and around 60 enthusiastic teachers. Our building is new with a lot of facilities such as a well-equipped science lab, an Art Room, a chess room, a hall with a theatrical scene and a contemporary library all of which all the students can benefit from and express themselves anytime they need. All our classes are equipped with interactive boards and have Internet connection. We also have private tuition and pre-school classes. So our school offers its students the opportunity to practice and develop their visual, social, kinesthetic and emotional

intelligence through extracurricular activities; such as Art Exhibitions, Song Contests, Daily Excurtions, Sportive Challenges and Year-end Performances.

Our school has an competent team of teachers with open minds regarding the implementation of new didactic techniques. Considering the fact that we have a quite new, well equipped school, we have a proper environment for applying new techniques and methods. Also the big variety of extracurricular activities that we

are developing will be directed in project years to offer a better support for pupils learning activities. We will bring in the project a very good material base, a large range of extracurricular activities where scientific knowledge can be applied, a large number of events destined for pupils knowledge, a very competent team of teachers and an enthusiastic team of young pupils.

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