Students impressions regarding C4 meeting: ”The way we tell our stories”

C4 meeting: "How we tell our stories" how popular traditions are a way of expressing cultural heritage Mersin,22-26-th of February 2022

XXVII LO im. Zesłańców Sybiru in Lublin

Weronika Zezula

        Between 21st and 27th February I took part in the Erasmus+ project in Turkey. During this trip I got to know Turkish, Romanian and Italian traditional costumes, dances, patterns and music. I had the opportunity to see presentations and leaflets about these topics prepared by newly met students from other schools around the world. Also while being there, I visited museums and caves. I did not expect the time spent there to be so fascinating. I learned a lot from people from other countries. What’s more, the people I met there were kind and helpful, which made this trip go in a very pleasant atmosphere. In my opinion it was an amazing and worthwhile experience, thanks to which I met new people and gained knowledge about other cultures.

Jan Dmochowski

          In the second week of winter holidays, I went to Mersin in Turkey for the Erasmus+ project with my friends from school and my favorite  teachers. I had looking forward to this trip for a long time, because for me Erasmus+ is synonymous with development, language improvement, meeting people from all over the world and self-knowledge.  It is a great opportunity to get to know the culture, the people and customs of this the country and visit beautiful places. Erasmus+ helped me broaden my horizons. For these reasons the program was created.  Participants from other countries were very nice and communicative so we had a great time and worked together.  The wonderful cities, museums, and routes full of surprises that we visited were very interesting and worth seeing. It was also fun to experience spring in winter. In my opinion, these extraordinary experiences we had taught us a lot, and for sure they will be useful to us for the rest of our lives.

Beata Kruk

         Late February I took part in the Erasmus+ trip to Turkey. Thanks to the trip I gained a lot of experience. I got to know the folk culture of Turkey, Romania and Italy. While in Turkey, I visited many interesting places, including museums. I met a lot of great people.

Avram Iancu Secondary School, Romania

Impressions after the ERASMUS + 2022 program

by Apan Alexandru,

       For a week, on February 21-27, 2022, I had the opportunity to travel to Turkey through the ERASMUS + program. This was a unique experience, from which I learned new things. In this project, I participated in the exchange of good practices, the topic of the meeting being “How we tell our stories” / “How we tell our stories”.

      On the first day, we were all excited, we were stepping into a new world, away from the people and places we knew before, but we had the chance to meet new people and places, seeing what life and the world are like there.

      Also on the same day, I gave a presentation in English about the Romanian game song, Doina, carols, and ritual songs, specific to the Transylvanian region. In this, I provided information about songs, accompanied by short exemplary musical sequences. As with any presentation, held in an imposing conference room, of course, there was no lack of emotion. They disappeared easily, giving way to the joy I felt when I saw that I was being listened to with attention and interest by foreign students and teachers.

      For a week we visited tourist and historical sites, including the Hatay Archaeological Museum, which houses the largest collection of mosaics in the world, and the Temple of Zeus in Mersin. Turkish students were eager to tell us about each tourist destination.

      At school, I participated in various activities and creative workshops, where I worked and cooperated with other foreign students.

   Together with the participating students, we exchanged information, impressions, learning new things about the traditions and customs of our country. Each of us spoke fondly of his country, his city, and his school. 

      Through these activities, I have made friends, I still keep in touch with some of them and we talk openly. This program allowed me to meet new people, discovering how friendly, warm and friendly the Turksish and Polish people are.

     I can say that ERASMUS + is more than a project and the chance to go and see new places is about humanity, friendship, and the desire to know. The program helped me notice that even though we are different, we are all the same.

       I would like to thank the coordinating and accompanying teachers who guided us through this wonderful experience. If I had the opportunity to participate once again in this unique project, I would do it immediately, without thinking.


      I am Agrisan Dorian Liviu, a 6th grade student, at the Avram Iancu Dej Secondary  School.
    I had the opportunity and the chance to be part of the Erasmus project, leaving for Mersin, Turkey.  It was a wonderful experience with wonderful people. I discovered that I can handle it on my own! We made new friends even on the road
      In Turkey, I visited a wonderful, big, beautiful school, full of technology
The Turkish school had a robotics team that just when we were there made a robot and let us see it and try a small part of the functions.
      The people are wonderful, the school is wonderful, the scenery is beautiful
           I will never regret being part of an Erasmus project!



       My name is Chit Bianca and as a member of the project Erasmus+, I want to say a few things about my experience. I got the chance to visit beautiful places and meet amazing people, all thanks to this project. I made many memories and also many friends. I took part in a lot of creative activities and I learned new things about Turkish culture. I also got to taste traditional Turkish food, which was really tasty.

      One of my favourite activities was the T-shirt one, where we desinged very beautiful and creative T-shirts. Everyone enjoyed this activity, and we all helped each other. I liked everyone’s T-shirt, because they were all original and colorful. Right at the end, we all signed each others T-shirts, and we even asked the teachers for signatures. The art teacher was very proud of us! After we finished, we took a photo together. Some of us even wore the T-shirts all day.

     This is something that I will never forget about. I recommend joining this project if you wanna have a good time meeting new people!

    Hello, i’m Sică Bianca Nicole and i’m a proud member of the Erasmus+ Project.   

     I took part in the trip to Mersin, Turkey. It was a very special and wonderful experience, one that I would’ve probably never had if I never joined this project. We visited alot of tourist and historical sites, my favourite being the trip to Hatay where we visited the Hatay Archaeological Museum, the museum that has the biggest mosaic collection in the whole world.

       Erasmus made me realise how fun it is to visit new places, make new friends and get out of my comfort zone. In Mersin i met such awesome people, and visited such beautiful places and , I can say that I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of this project, making great memories.

       It was an honour and I would really reccomend joining this project!

Impressions about Meeting in Mersin

       For the  second time I took part in the International Meeting , Erasmus + programme.  It was in Mersin, Turkey.  We took part in it  on-line ,because we had a Covid restrictions . We were 22 students from our school. The topic of this Meeting was interesting for me .      It was about popular songs ,traditional folk dances and traditional clothes.  We began to prepare for it a long time ago. My class prepared a presentation „ Traditional Bulgarian clothes“  We liked all our partners presentations and  their leaflets about these topics prepared by  students from other schools .  But the most of all I liked the demonstration led by Robotics team    of  Mersin .  It was very amazing, thank you !                       

                                                                                    Ivon Gancheva, 6 grade

     For the first time I took part in International Meeting in Mersin, Turkey.  My favourite lesson was  ,,Robotics” , because I didn’t see this kind of lesson like this one.  It was very interesting for me : what kind of  robots were made by students and their teachers. I didn’t like that we took part  in this Meeting  on-line. But these days we had  bad Covid -19 situation. Sometimes Internet connection was bad and we cant see and hear well.  All presentations were very good and quite interesting . My dream is   to visit other countries and to meet students from this project. The whole Meeting was very interesting and unforgettable. It will be a fantastic memory for me.

                         Victor Angelov, 6 grade                                                     

        When I first arrived at Mersin it was so different i was so excited I still couldn’t believe I was at mersin by myself and even better i was going to a very interesting school but I was scared that no body with wanted to be friends with me i tried my best to mix with the others and get to know the teachers better I didn’t have a problem but the bus writing really bugged me but I really love the teachers and it was an interesting experience for me.

                                                                                                                                Latife MOHAMAD, Student

Bağcılar Mustafa Kemal Secondary School, Istanbul, Turkey

        I am Hatice Nur Kaytan, it was really exciting to meet people from different languages ​​and cultures at the meeting in Mersin.  Although I was away from my family for the first time, I had no difficulties because this project created a family atmosphere for me.  I met many teachers there, one of them was the Polish lady Malgorzata. Ms. Malgorzata was a sincere and caring teacher. Even when the meeting ended, I did not cut off my contact with Ms. Malgorzata.  The most exciting moment was the presentation where I introduced Turkish motifs. Apart from this, we made many field trips. Our teachers were very interested.  It was a very good experience for me, I would really like to experience it again.

                Hatice Nur KAYTAN, Student, Bağcılar Mustafa Kemal Secondary School, Istanbul, Turkey

         First of all, I am very happy to participate in this project.  I was very excited when I first came to Mersin and I was a little surprised when I saw that the others were bigger than us.  But later I got used to it.  The school we went to was very nice.  The other students and teachers there were very friendly.  I loved them all.  The trips we made and the places we saw were very beautiful.  Thank you to my teachers who chose me for this project.

                                                                                               Meryem Nida ÖZER, Student,  Bağcılar Mustafa Kemal Secondary School, Istanbul, Turkey

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