Free educational tools and digital lessons for gerenal use

   The content of this website was created into an international cooperation project inside the Erasmus+ program. Teachers from schools within European space made a common effort in order to bring regional context closer to school curriculum.

   Educational systems and all educational politics have as a common base; the lesson sustained by trained teachers on diferent subjects towards age’s homogenus study groups known as school grades. This simple aspect lead us to the conclusion that in order to accomplish an
efficient transformation, we must act at lesson level. After all, in broaden sense, the lesson means a didactic step created to accomplish a few operational objectives and to acquire some competences though specific activities using diverse didactic methods and didactic means. This definition is according to Constantin Cucoș treaty ”Pedagogy”, printed by Polirom Publishing House in 2014 (p 356).

   Nowadays reality requires the implementation of didactic digital instruments in order to bring school activity near students’ universe. Our material suggests a large range of digital tools for teaching that may be applied during all lesson’s moments, such as: Mentimeter, WorldWall, Kahoot, PearDeck, JamBoard, Voki characters, educational documentaries collections on YouTube, Canva, Learning apps, Quizizz, Jigsawplanet. Of course, once again, the proper dose of digital tools is essential. Our readers have the opportunity to experiment digital tools’ implementation in order to decide proper implementation into classes.

   The materials hosted on this website were created during the implementation of Strategic Partnership for Schools: ”Developing educational techniques starting from regional context”, 2019-1-RO01-KA201-063189. The domain also hosts the materials created during the implementation of another Erasmus+ project accomplished between project partners during 2016-2018. Considering the fact that this project is a further development of a cooperation established in 2016 and it represent a continuity of management ides, partner schools decided that it is easier to advertise new materials on an already known website, making proper separation between contents and development periods.

Erasmus Plus makes no warranties or representations of any kind concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained on this document for any purpose.

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